About Baaxal

mayan piramid

Our Mission:
We want to make you smile with games and apps that you can flaunt and share

Our Vision:
To be a fun, dinamyc enterprise, using solid and trusted technology
To be one of you favorite options to get entertainment
Get to the top 10 in market preferences
Alcanzar el top ten de preferencia en el mercado

Our Values:
Behave as if there is always somebody watching.
Total openness about what we do and why we do it
Along with honesty, to earn the trust of our colaborators and clients is essential.
Always fulfill agreements
All ideas are welcome
Free thought and communication

Ba' axal means “game” in Mayan language.
As heirs to the Mayan people we have the taste for knowledge and the experience to create solid projects that can endure through time.
Baaxal Software is a Mexican, dynamic and fun enterprise, dedicated to create games and applications for smartphones and tablets.
We rely on solid and trusted technology so we can be agile in the development and publishing of new products.