Humbalche: Animal sounds for your baby


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Humbalche: Animal sounds for your baby.

A fun didactic game for babies and children less than 4 years old. Your baby will love the animal sounds and animations, while you help him learn its names in English and Spanish.

The word "Humbalche" comes from the mayan words: Hum (sound) and Ba'alché (animal)

Help your baby to develop his memory and language, while he learns the names and sounds of the most common animals.

Channel your baby's natural curiosity allowing him to play with your tablet or smartphone in a safe environment, besides it's a healthy way to share time with your baby.

This is the prettiest game of its kind. There are lots of animal sounds games, most of them have photographs or generic clip art and very few have animations. In Humbalche the animals come alive when the child touches them.

Designed by parents with all the love that you would give to your baby. Look at him marvel, laugh, be amazed listening the sounds of the animals. Share time with your baby before he grows up.

Fluid animations
Bright colors
Designed with attractive cartoons to get your baby's attention
Bilingual game: Change language with a touch
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This version has 10 domestic animals: Sheep, Donkey, Horse, Goat, Chicken, Rooster, Cat, Duck, Dog and Cow. and 10 wild animals: Crocodile, Elephant, Macaw, Lion, Panther, Wolf, Monkey, Bear, Frog and Tiger.

In the bottom of the screen there is a text that you should read to your baby.
“Touch any animal”
Allow him to touch any animal. Enjoy his reaction when the animal comes alive and read aloud the name of each animal. When you repeat the name of the animal while he touches it, you help him develop his cognitive development and stimulate the memory and language centers of your baby.

In the top right corner of the screen there is a button with a question mark. When you touch it it will begin the game mode. The game asks for an animal (e. g. “Touch the dog” ) Ask your baby to touch the dog. Any other animal will refuse to move. Help your baby to concentrate and to follow simple instructions.

Remember: Never leave your baby alone with a phone or tablet.