First anniversary

Two years ago I had a once in a lifetime opportunity: to stand still for a while.

Normally in the working world you live the immediate moment only: There are lots of pending tasks. There are important issues that stop you from solving your pending tasks. You have objectives to achieve and problems to solve. Without mentioning details I found myself without a job and suddenly all the pending issues and problems lost their importance.

Traditionally in these cases you should seek for a new job in similar conditions to the last one , but I decided that this was the time for a change.

The decision to create a new enterprise is not an easy one. You get the fear of the unknown, you start to be conscious of all the tings that you ignore. Even when you are very good a t your job, normally you know only the operations of an enterprise and not the business side: What do you do? That's excellent! How can you make a business with that thing you do?... That's not so simple.

Once you decide to create your own job you have another opportunity: What do you want to do? Since a very long time I wanted to make video games. During my university I could program games, not because it was a necessity, just for fun. Later I could teach programming lessons for children using the LOGO language. What better way to teach children than making games? And now to think that I can make this full time is great.

A year ago Baaxal Software was legally created, with the vision to create those games I've had running around my head. The first game should be something simple that allowed me to learn all the basics of creation, publishing and distribution of every future game. Humbalche is dedicated to mi daughter and it was finished when she was a year and a half old. The moments she and I spend together make it worth it.

This has been a journey some times very slow, some times distressing and lots of times frightening. You search for tools that can make your work easier and during their use you find out that it's not the right tool. You have to start again. When nobody argues or questions your decisions you anly have your mistakes to make you go forward.

Along this journey I have been learning every aspect of an enterprise, from planning to execution, from operation to management. This year has been of personal growth and I have found the tools that I need to build a growing enterprise.

I wish to thank all the people that have collaborated with their work, ideas and opinions during this year, so what began as an idea can be reality today.

To celebrate our first year we are releasing the free version of Humbalche, without ads. Well, just a small announcement: Please buy the full version.

The best is about to begin.