Baaxal Software at EGS Developers Mexico

You probably know the Electronic Game Show, this is the second most important event in digital entertainment (after E3) were the most recent video games and technology are presented. But this year was different, as there was a dedicated space for Mexican developers.

Assistance was by accreditation only (this made me feel like part of a secret cabala). You couldn't just buy a ticket, but you needed to ask for an invitation and prove that you are a developer or a student. In fact the first time I sent my details I wasn't accredited, but after asking again I had my invitation.

Once the event started the first thing that surprised me was the numbers of people: So few. What? But this is the biggest event in Latin America! Newspapers say that assistance numbers were record breakers! Well, yes, but on the consumer side. Developers that want to earn a living from video games in Mexico are still few. The conference halls were never full.

En el auditorio principal

But what we lack in numbers we compensate in enthusiasm. There wasn't a single workshop or conference without audience. Topics were so interesting that I almost end up without eating, so I wouldn't miss a detail. Highlighted in particular were the big enterprises support for the community: Microsoft, Sony, Unity. Never before was this easy to develop and publish a game worldwide.

Small studios took advantage of the event to get known and promote their games, most of them in development. I could talk to some of them and I can say with confidence: There's a lot of talent in Mexico, there's pride in making good things and we have the will to succeed. We probably lack the entrepreneurial know-how to promote our games and earn a living from them. Most of them are students or have a “conventional” job and use their free time to create games.

The final message is clear. This journey is possible and we have the talent to travel it.